our menu

Non Veg
Sink into our Juicy Chicken,
Lamb or Fish.
Palak Paneer, Baigan Bhartha,
Shahi Paneer, Dal Thudka.
Chapati/Roti, Plain Nan,
Butter Nan, Onion Paratha
& more.
Authentic Signature dishes from all over India, carefully selected
for you, along with excellent Wines & Indian Beer that sync with
the flavours of cuisines ….……… The freshness and the quality of
ingredients make each and every combination work together to
create a burst of flavours that will tantalise your taste buds and
linger in your senses. The ultimate experience in Indian fine dining!
We choose only the finest natural ingredients and use traditional techniques to bring out the unique, dazzling flavours of the
wonderful dishes served. These are simply the expressions of the
love and care our chefs have, for the craft of pure Indian cooking.

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